Making an Application


Please contact the Registrar on 01223 229421 if you are seeking a school place in the current academic year.

30 November 2021 is the application deadline for entry in September 2022 for Years 1 – 7.

There are two main points of entry into the school: entry into what we call Foundation at age four, and into Year 3 at age seven.

The process for applying to each of these year groups is slightly different, and information on each is provided below; more detailed particulars can be found in our Admissions Policy.



Entry to Foundation

Applications for Foundation places can be made at any time from birth onwards, and you are strongly advised to visit the school and submit a completed Application Form along with the registration fee of £75 as early as practicable; at least two years before the date of entry is the norm. There is no specific deadline for applications; we will continue to accept them until there is very little likelihood of the application being successful.

For those who have applied for entry in September 2022 we will make contact from Lent Term 2021 onwards to confirm your child’s nursery setting, and to ask permission to visit him or her there (Covid-19 permitting). In the event that we are unable to visit the nursery, we will arrange a TEAMS meeting with the family instead. We aim to make priority offers by the end of April.

When making offers we reserve the right to give preference in our absolute discretion to the children of teaching staff at either St Faith’s or The Leys, the children of Old Fidelians, siblings, and any others we see fit, where places are available.

We realise that this can be a difficult and stressful time for parents, we will do our best to keep you informed of the progress of your child’s application at all times.

Entry to Year 3

We are happy to accept applications well in advance of the deadline, although there is no preference given to those applying early. The closing date for applications for entry to Year 3 in September 2022 is 30 November 2021. This allows us to make all the necessary preparations for assessment.

From October onwards, we will write to parents to ask for updated details on where your son or daughter is at school, and for your permission to contact their current school for a report; we like to know as much as possible about your child’s strengths and talents. We then write to schools asking for this information. Please note that we are not able to offer to any child for whom we do not receive a report.

We usually hold our assessment day in January for those applying for entry in September, and the children will be working with our teachers in small groups for the morning. The work involved will be in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum and will cover reading, writing, spelling, mathematics and also a craft activity. Every effort is made to ensure the children’s visit to the school is an enjoyable experience. During the morning break a drink and snack will be provided.

The Cambridge independent schools liaise each year about the timings of entry assessments. All the schools do their Year 3 assessments during the first half of the Lent term and we have agreed a common date by which we will ask parents to reply to offers of places, this is usually the Friday before the February half term. We would hope to be in touch with you regarding the outcome of your child’s entry assessment within a week to ten days of their assessment, provided always that we are in receipt of a report from their current school.

It is sometimes the case that we can accept late applications, but you are advised to contact Anna Cornell, the Registrar, to check that there are places available, and to discuss the procedures for a late application prior to submission of an Application Form.

Parents are advised that they should keep their child’s current school informed of any intended move to St Faith’s, and must observe their regulations regarding the giving of due notice. We cannot accept anyone from another independent school who has failed to meet their financial commitments to that school in full prior to joining us.

Entry to Year groups other than Foundation and Year 3

We usually have spaces available in other Year groups, and if you are interested please contact Anna on 01223 229421 to discuss whether we have any availability in the required Year group.

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