All About Bones

On Monday 12th May Year 4 were lucky enough to have a talk from Dr Nicola Lewis of Cambridge University’s Department of Zoology about skeletons and adaptation to link with their Science topic of Moving and Growing. Dr Lewis gave a fascinating talk and even brought some of the exhibits from the University’s Zoology Museum for the children to handle and examine. The most popular proved to be the skull of a green turtle and a baby crocodile, complete with a set of very sharp teeth!

This is student John’s account of the visit:

“My favourite part of the talk was when Dr Lewis explained that sea urchins have ball and socket joints on the end of each spine (bone). I also enjoyed learning about how skeletons change and was fascinated when I heard about bones fusing together.

I enjoyed hearing about and looking at the real skeletons. I was completely awestruck at the lightness of the bones of such a powerful beast as a bird. I was amazed at how animals adapt to their climates and how land animals became faster by shortening their top arm and elongating their lower arm and leg. I found out that horses run on their finger nails and that every animal skeleton started off with a five digit limb.”

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