Extreme Reading Challenge 2017

The St Faith’s Extreme Reading Challenge 2017 was launched during our annual Book Week celebrations in February with the closing date coinciding with World Book Day celebrations throughout the UK.

All pupils were invited to be captured reading in an unusual place. Some chose to showcase their love of reading with a hobby they enjoy whilst others took on the challenge quite literally and even got their parents involved!

The entries this year were diverse, imaginative and lots of fun to judge – although whittling down the entries to find our winners proved a very difficult task indeed!

The winners of the 2017 St Faith’s Extreme Reading Challenge are:

Pre Prep Winner: Alex F

Year 3 and 4 Winner: Wilfred D

Year 5 and 6 Winner: Louisa H

Year 7 and 8 Winner: Beth M

Each winner will receive an Extreme Reading certificate, A £10 Book Token and some lovely chocolate to sustain their energy after lots of ‘extreme reading’!

Thank you to you all for supporting another library challenge. All the entries are on display outside the library and we would definitely recommend having a wander to view them – they are great!

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