Green Flag Assessment Success!

On Tuesday 30th June, we were visited by Green Flag assessor, Mr John Millington, to review all of our eco efforts in and around school. In 2013, we were awarded Green Flag status for the second time, as a result of the wonderful sustainability projects our Eco Committee had been organising. In pursuit of a third Green Flag award, Mr Millington was greeted by eco extraordinaire and School Bursar, Mr Brent, and our Eco Governor, Mr Sadler.

After acquaintances were made, Mr Millington was escorted around our site by Ms Kennerley and our eager Eco Committee members. Examples of our Green efforts were evidently ubiquitous, as our pupils identified motion detecting lights in School House, sustainable material bike sheds and bag holders, our Passivhaus Pre Prep buildings, and the greenhouse and its ‘Sunflowers for Tom’ fundraising scheme.

The Eco Committee then handed the reins over to the maintenance team for a technical demonstration of the various measures in place to save energy and make the school run as efficiently as possible. It was quickly clear that this really was a team effort from pupils and staff.

The pièce de resistance undoubtedly came in the form of the Jubilee Pond that recently, and rather fortunately, has burst into a thriving ecosystem of insects and critters.

Mr Millington was particularly impressed by the Eco Committee’s ability to freely identify all of the different creatures, such as pond skaters, whirligig beetles, smooth newts and the prize Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly.

It was this autonomy and passion for the environment around us that our Year 6s, 7s and 8s in the Eco Committee showed that earned us a resounding confirmation of our Green Flag renewal for 2015! Thank you to everyone involved, including all of the staff who made the day a roaring success.

Next stop: Green Flag Ambassador status..?


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