Peter Burt Named Independent School Caterer of the Year

In October we were delighted to hear that our Catering Manager, Peter Burt, was named Independent School Caterer of the Year at the annual EDUcatering awards in London. Under Peter’s leadership, various changes have occurred which have significantly improved the quality of food at St Faith’s over the past five years. Our pupils and staff have benefited from better ingredients, an increase in variety such as more vegetarian and vegan options, and a larger selection of fresh fruits. It is a well-deserved reward. During the awards ceremony the School’s catering provider, Chartwells, also won the ‘Contract Caterer of the Year’ award.

Peter has made lunchtime not just about feeding tummies but also filling our brains with insightful facts like what exactly we are eating, where the ingredients came from and how this effects the world around us. Recent examples like ‘sustainable fish’ aims to teach pupils about only eating seafood that is caught in ways that considers the long-term vitality of the species, oceans and dependent communities. ‘Palm oil free days’ challenges the catering team to create a menu which is free of palm oil every 3 weeks, a major driver of deforestation in some of the world’s most biodiverse forests.

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