OF Krishan changing the way young adults learn about finance

OF Krishan, currently in his final year at The Leys, recently wrote an article for the FT (following a summer internship at the esteemed newspaper), where he reflected on the lack of financial planning understanding in today’s young adults.

While fully aware of the large debts he will accrue while obtaining a higher education he feels that there is little advice available to his generation for what to do about it. During his work experience at the Financial Times last summer he successfully pitched to the FT board a proposal on how the FT could engage with secondary school students to fill this void. Now, every secondary school (globally) can sign up for free access to and receive weekly emails of articles with relevance to 16-19 year olds.

To date over 1850 schools have registered and in addition there are more than 17,000 individual student accounts with the FT. Krishan’s recent article for FT Money, was the most read FT article worldwide on the day of publication!

Very many congratulations to Krishan for his already considerable success and best wishes for the future of this much needed endeavour.

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