Multi-Hack Course Is A Great Success

The Multi-Hack course, which was organised by our very own Mr Mitchell, was a four day course taking place during the Easter Holidays and was open to children in Years 5-8. The course proved to be extremely popular as capacity, which enabled 32 children to attend, was reached within three and a half hours of being advertised to parents!

The program consisted of five solid hours of Computer Science per day. The children had a day dedicated to building and programming Lego Mindstorms robots, whilst also building dogs, machines guns, insects, golf machines and many other wonderful creations throughout the rest of the week.

There was also one day devoted to the Raspberry Pi. Children learnt about it, wired it up, and programmed using it. Younger children wrote a multi-room platform game in Scratch using the Pi; older children wired up electronic circuits and programmed using Python, making lights switch on and off in pretty patterns.

One of the days was devoted to the BBC micro:bit – a tiny computer that is being given to all Year 7 children in the UK for free. They made hot potato games, special dice, fortune tellers and even virtual pets that could be fed, kissed and told off for being naughty.

On the last day, the children got the chance to pick any of the activities they had been doing during the previous three days to then explore further. This was a fantastic way to end the week as each child could have another chance to learn about their favourite topic.

Many thanks go to Mr Mitchell, Mrs Oxborough and Ms Johnson for organising and running this extremely popular course.

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