This week at St Faith's

07 May 2020

As the seventh week of school ‘closure’ comes to an end, and we wait to hear from the Government about the possibility of a release from lockdown, how apt that today marks the 75th Anniversary of the moment when the nation held its breath and waited to hear the announcement that World War II was over. As I mentioned in my video message (seen below) to the children this week, the end of the war marked the time when the St Faith’s boarders returned from evacuation in Devon, having lived and been educated in the Golden Lion Hotel, Ashburton, for over 5 years. It is impossible to imagine how difficult it must have been for the children to be away from school and their families for so long and how exciting it must have been for them to return to Cambridge to be back in the St Faith’s community once again.

Hopefully, we will hear soon when our current community will begin to come back together.  Much planning is going on behind the scenes to prepare the school for re-opening and we will be in touch in due course to explain how St Faith’s will be operating in the immediate future, once we have received the relevant Government guidance.

VE Day

In recognition of tomorrow’s VE Day, Mrs Davies, Deputy Head Academic and History Teacher, has produced a virtual assembly for all pupils which details the events leading to VE Day, the point it marked in the long and brutal world war and the changes to our society that the war and subsequent victory created.


Year 5 has been studying World War II this term, so it was fitting that the focus of their work this week was on the events of VE Day.  As well as watching videos of celebrations held in streets across the country, the children read and listened to speeches, including Churchill’s radio address to the nation.  After completing a number of knowledge-based tasks, pupils were asked to create items for their own VE Day celebrations; some made patriotic bunting and flags, others baked VE day themed food, and impressively, a few even composed their own wartime song.  Here are a few examples of the VE creations.

Interactive Book

Speaking of creations, Mrs Davis, English and Drama teacher, is currently writing an Interactive Book, yet to be titled, which I encourage you all, young and old to read or listen to. The story explores a fictional world under the control of The Suits who impose an almost permanent state of ‘Krissmas’ and expose any who question the situation by publishing their names on the Naughty List. Heroes of the story, Sham and Priya, are trying to learn the truth behind the power of the Krissmas Party and the fate that befell Sham’s grandmother who mysteriously disappeared years ago. Through a series of polls, readers and listeners are able to help guide the direction of the next chapter that Mrs Davis writes each week. Pupils may draw characters or scenes from the book which can then be added as illustrations. If you haven’t made yourself familiar with this interactive book, you can find it here:

current parents can view the INTERACTIVE BOOK

Tutor Group Activities

Tutor groups have been on fine form this week, enjoying a wide range of activities during their live sessions.

4B were in fancy dress for their tutor session this morning, with Jack Sparrow and Hermione Granger among the attendees.

Earlier in the week, Mrs Critchley asked her tutor group (8B) to think of some interesting facts about themselves or their relatives in preparation for a quiz in tutor time. She discovered that her tutees had a great grandfather who worked for MI5 during WWII, a great grandfather who has a Cambridge blue in five different sports, a great grandfather who sang for the Russian Tsar, a great aunt who worked for the KGB and a family whose portrait was displayed on the main billboard in Times Square last week!

Inspired by last week’s sports staff video, 8N pupils thought they would create their own film – and a fine job they did. Thanks to the Willington family, the ending involves a trick played on 8N Tutor, Mr Mutucumarana, which I am sure his tutees enjoyed!


I am delighted to announce that this week’s podcast is now live and can be found here. This week, Miss Gilford takes you step-by-step through her rainbow cookie recipe, Mrs Britten plays the piano, Mrs Smith reads a cautionary tale, Mr Welch provides an alternative sports quiz and there are, as usual, some surprise appearances from the St Faith’s community!  I do encourage you all to listen to this uplifting weekly communication – it is a delightful way of keeping in touch with familiar voices and the spirit of St Faith’s.


As the widely broadcasted story of the national flour shortage attests, the nation has taken to baking during lockdown. Mrs Seve, Year 3 Tutor, was delighted to receive the following from one of her pupils this week, a lovely way of connecting the wider family during these isolated times;

Dear Mrs Seve,
As discussed with Ella this morning, here is a photo of the biscuits that Ella and Will entered into our family virtual bake-off last weekend. There were seven entries from 14 competitors across five locations (including international!).  The brief was 10 identical decorated biscuits. I am delighted to report that Ella and Will’s biscuits, pictured here, won the event (and tasted great).

Continuing the cookery theme, Head Chef Kevin gave a delightful talk to the Pre Prep keyworker children in school this week about onions.  Kevin showed the children how to plant the prepared onions so that a crop would be ready for harvest in September.  One child who was particularly excited by this fact, said his birthday was in September and ‘onion cake’ would be an ideal birthday treat!  Whether Kevin will take on the challenge of onion cake as a menu item when schools re-open remains to be seen.


Our current eight House Captains have made a joint film to show how they have been spending their time in lockdown and to give advice to the younger pupils.  Enjoy!

This weekend, I will be dusting off my trainers and attempting the 5k Run for Heroes in support of the NHS, which Harriet B set me as a challenge earlier in the week.  Harriet enjoys running and her mum works at Addenbrooke’s so this cause is close to her heart.

Whatever you are doing this Bank Holiday weekend, I wish you an enjoyable and relaxing few days.

Nigel Helliwell