OF, Giles English, Joins Year 8 Engineering Lesson

We were thrilled to introduce one of our Year 8 Engineering classes to Old Fidelian and co-founder of Bremont Watches, Giles English, recently.  Giles attended St Faith’s in the 1980s (he was in Bentley).  He commented that he was shy and struggled when he joined but once dyslexia was diagnosed and the right assistance was provided, ‘the school made me’.

Giles and his brother, Nick, founded Bremont Watches in 2002 when they combined their love and passion for engineering and aviation to set up a British watch-making firm.  Their brand has grown to be a world-leader in the luxury watch market and with the release of a new limited edition range, Giles got in touch to share his love of Engineering with the school that kicked it all off for him.  T

he Year 8 pupils were enthralled by Giles’ stories of aviation adventure and loved hearing about the intricacies and precision engineering of watch-making.  Giles was bombarded by questions including, ‘Have you had to do any major re-designs if a watch doesn’t work?’  To which Giles answered, ‘Yes, every watch design goes through multiple design, build, test, redesign stages’.  ‘How many parts are there in a watch?’  ‘Basic watch around 180 – watches with chronometers or dual time zone up to 300.  There are 86400 sec in 1 day – Bremont watches are precise to +/- 4 seconds making watches the most accurate mechanical devices made’.  ‘How long does it take to create a watch?’  ‘Hawking watch released this week took 3 years from concept to product’.  ‘What is your proudest moment?’  ‘Seeing our first watch sold after 5 years of research, design and manufacture in the UK.’

It was a captivating session for our staff and pupils.  We very much hope to welcome Giles onto site in the future so that more of our pupils can learn about this fascinating aspect of British engineering.

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