News & Events

The Old Fidelian Network exists for the benefit of OFs and as a result we are always looking for way to improve not only how we communicate, but what we do and how the network operates. As a result, we would love to hear from you with news or feedback on what you would like to see more, or less of, in the network.

Upcoming 2021 Events 

The OF v Staff Golf competition will take place on the evening of May 28th. Should you wish to participate please contact Richard Devoy via

On Thursday 24th June the OF Committee will be hosting a get together at Novi, 12 Regent Street, Cambridge from 6-8pm. St Faith’s are delighted to be buying the first round of drinks, so please do come along an re-acquaint yourself with fellow OFs and have a chance to say farewell to retiring Headmaster, Nigel Helliwell. Please RSVP to


Sir John Tusa (1942-49) kindly sent in a document which details the memories of some of our OFs of their time in Ashburton, Devon when the borders were evacuated during WWII. The accounts included offer a wonderful insight into this particular period in the school’s history.

Memories of Ashburton

We were delighted to receive this film of sports day in 1933 from the grandson of an Old Fidelian.