Amir Zada

Amir Zada

“My years at St Faith’s and the Leys were truly formative as the youngest ever full time boarder.

Being practically raised at the school taught me independence and discipline from a very early stage. I take my time at the school throughout my life as it shaped who I am today.

I have since spent my career at Exotix Ltd. A British Investment Bank focused on Frontier Emerging Markets. I run the New York office and have lived in NYC for 11 years now. I split my time between London and NYC overall. I have also spent significant time working in the Jakarta office of our firm. My career has allowed me to travel and deal with governments from Angola, Kenya and Uganda to Cuba, North Korea and Yemen.

I am also on the Board of Advisers for TLG Capital, a Sub Saharan African focused Private Equity and Credit Fund.”

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