Ben Dilloway

Ben Dilloway

After St Faith’s, Ben went to the Leys School for 5 years and then studied a foundation course at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

After that, it took him while to get into the Drama school he wanted and so three years later he did a year at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts but then got accepted into LAMDA for their 3 year BA in Acting course and so switched, graduating in 2010.

“When thinking back to my time at St Faith’s there are far too many memories to choose from…Sports day was always excellent, all the parents around, races and events interspersed with jumping from picnic to picnic and obliging all our friends parents by gorging ourselves with food. I will of course never forget The Dennis’, and their general excellence, playing rugby with Mr Mitchell and also having him teach us Art. He was a real inspiration, in fact. To have such a gigantic, tough, man’s man that could bark out orders on the field, effortlessly in charge, and yet then could reveal this innate delicacy and ferocious passion for beauty within the classroom. It was something I never really questioned at the time, however, now I appreciate the importance of these formidable role models.

St Faith’s was full of such inspirations and influences. It’s so vital, I could quite happily recount stories of all my teachers at that time and I now realise what I learnt from each of those characters. I appreciate it’s a vital time when we learn so many academic foundations but I would argue that the traits you absorb from the characters you are surrounded by are far more integral to the human you are learning to become and St Faith’s has those by the bucket load.”

Since graduating Ben starred in the Silver Tassie at the National Theatre and recently appeared as ‘Lennie’ in Of Mice and Men at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, where he has received many acclaimed reviews.

“An unbelievable performance is given by Benjamin Dilloway as Lennie. He is very much a gentle giant and nowadays would probably be on the autistic spectrum, although then he was just described as being a bit simple and not very bright. A lot of research has clearly been done by Dilloway into this way of behaving and his body language is excellent. You could even see his thought processes and this makes it fascinating as an audience member to watch. The casting of Dilloway is absolute perfection.”

“The meek and mindless, Lennie, and the stolid and staunch-like, George are sublimely characterised by actors, Benjamin Dilloway and Michael Legge.”

Comments from Birmingham Rep’s website:

“Special praise for Benjamin Dilloway’s Lennie – simply heartbreaking.”

“The acting was first rate with both Benjamin Dilloway and Michael Legge putting in sterling performances as George and Lennie”

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