James Petkovic

James Petkovic

James attend St Faith’s from 1993 until 1999, he believes it provided him with an excellent academic foundation for his later studies at The Leys, Trinity College, Cambridge and Christ Church in Oxford.

“The school provided me with valuable tuition in the basics of written and oral communication, as well as verbal reasoning, which I use to this day in my career as a commercial barrister at One Essex Court, Chambers of Lord Grabiner QC, in London.

As a pupil, going to St. Faith’s was something I looked forward to in the mornings owing to the school’s warm and friendly environment and opportunities for intellectual development. Although the facilities were excellent and the sporting and other extra-curricular opportunities were very impressive, it is the education which I most valued. The teaching staff at St. Faith’s introduced me to Latin and classic English literature as well as teaching me how to write historical essays.

The school also introduced me to public speaking. I participated in dramatic productions and was given the opportunity to engage in public speaking both within school hours and in extra-curricular activities.

I have this school to thank for imbuing in me a love of learning which has grown over the course of my life. St. Faith’s gave me a first glimpse of the wider academic world and had a considerable and positive influence on the course of my life. I look back on my time there with fondness and gratitude and it’s not surprising that St Faith’s is widely regarded as one of the best schools in Cambridge.”

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