Krishan Puvvada

Krishan Puvvada

Krishan attended St Faith’s 2008-2013 and is currently in his final year at The Leys

Krishan joined The Leys on an academic scholarship in 2013 and went on to achieve 12A*s at GCSE. He is currently preparing to take A Levels in History, Maths, Spanish and Classical Greek. After school he intends to apply to Oxford with the hope of studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. As for afterwards, Krishan firmly believes that it is best to keep taking and making opportunities and with the right attitude, although he is on camera saying he wants to be CEO of the FT (!

Krishan is Vice Captain of the first VI tennis at The Leys, but his real passion is football. As a season ticket holder at Manchester United he was interviewed after a game against Leicester City where he did an impression of the then manager, Louis van Gaal. So good was the impression that the interview became an internet hit with over 1.1m views (!

Krishan has completed a number of work experience stints at the FT where he has made quite an impact and helped the FT to launch a scheme to allow secondary schools access to In addition he has written a number of articles ( and blogs (


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