Larkin Sayre

Larkin Sayre

“After finishing Year 8 at St Faith’s Larkin went on to Perse Girls Senior School and took the IB diploma at the Stephen Perse Sixth Form College.

I got interested in science and maths at St Faith’s and continued that on into my time at Perse Girls. I loved the UKMT Maths Challenge (although I’m not sure how good I was at it) and working hard in my lessons (thank you Mr Kite!). I learned a lot about how to cultivate a good work ethic early on at St Faith’s and without it, I would not be where I am today. One of the things I am most thankful for is the stellar art classes I took while at St Faith’s. They made me realize how much I loved to work with my hands and create which I now use to design mechanical systems and I love it!

As I headed into sixth form, I knew I wanted a career in STEM so I applied to MIT. I started as a terrified freshman in September of 2013 and I now study mechanical engineering. My roommate freshman year was a rower at MIT and I decided to try out a new sport which led to me making some of my best friends in this world and becoming captain of the team. I also work in the MIT Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems and the Pappalardo Teaching Lab. My days are busy (and long) but I am really happy and I have some amazing friends and teammates. After graduating from MIT I hope to live in Seattle (near my parents!) and work in mechanical design and entrepreneurship and then maybe think about graduate school in Washington or California. My curiosity undoubtedly started with the fantastic staff and opportunities at St Faith’s. I still keep in touch with some fellow Old Fidelians and I know they will be life-long friends.

Thank you St Faith’s!”

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