Science Showcase to Experts

Year 8 pupils showcased their Science talents to Engineer and PhD student Heba Bevan and Cambridge Science Centre. Students produced their own investigations, analysed their findings and then presented their work. Investigations ranged from product testing such as, how much water nappies can absorb and which is the best carpet cleaner, to psychology, investigating how colours and shapes affect how you taste water.

Mrs Price head of science said “Every project was excellent and they all impressed the judges with their knowledge and understanding of both Science and the scientific method as well as explaining their projects so articulately and enthusiastically.”

The Guest speaker attending this year was PhD student Heba Bevan. Heba was recently shortlisted for a national engineering prize and is currently completing a PhD on wireless sensor networks.

Heba said “It’s so good to see young people interested in rockets and engineering at a young age. It’s really great to see their creativity; it’s the start of their science dreams and if you believe in yourself, all things are possible in science. Please keep your scientific experiments alive and realise to achieve them involves faith, planning, dedication and determination. You need to believe that there is nothing impossible in science as long as you believe in yourself.”

Chris Lennard of the Cambridge Science Centre also attended to tour the exhibits he added “It’s spectacular to allow children to explore and use their science skills to explore these projects, it’s a real insight into what it’s like to do future research and I’m always inspired by what young people come up with, it’s fascinating”


· Ben for ‘To find out how brittle rods (spaghetti) break differently when soaked in water and dry’

· Flo for ‘How much baking soda is needed to make the perfect cupcakes?’

· Sarah and Niki for ‘Does the colour of a candle affect the burning rate?’

· Henry and Ben for ‘How does the type of string affect the rate a balloon rocket can travel at?’

Highly Commended:

· Kushaal and Freddie for ‘Does the length of a pendulum affect it’s period (time it takes to swing)?’

· Lola and Megan for ‘ To investigate which type of skittle dissolves fastest in water’

Peer Prize (chosen by Year 8 pupils):

· Jenna and Caitlin for ‘Do colours and shapes affect your choices?’

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