St Faith’s first Adult and Child Pairs Golf Tournament

This past weekend we held our first ever Adult and Child Pairs Golf Tournament at Cambridge Lakes. It was an informal event – simply turn up, pay the green fees and find a slot to fit in. So how did the competition work? Well, each pair selected their best shot and then played alternative shots from there until finding the hole. The gross score was then recorded for each hole (a format known as Greensomes). In addition to this, any pairing where the child holds an official club handicap was entered into a scratch competition.

Below are the results from the event:

1st and Winners of the Leggoe Shield: Zac and Mr Jones

2nd (and winners of the handicap section) Jack and Mr Howland

3rd (and 2nd in the handicap section) Matty and Mr Laubscher

4th (and best team with a girl pupil) Georgia and Mr Wynne Jones


It was a fun morning and Mr Rusted made sure to encourage as many participants as possible to take part. A couple of pairs even did two rounds of nine holes or swapped partners for their second round. Also, any children who didn’t have an adult were paired up with members of our staff so that no one was left out. Whilst we are delighted that nearly a quarter of those that attended were girls we would love to see more attend the next tournament.

Jack, the St Faith’s Captain of Golf, attended the event and had this to say about the tournament and the importance of golf:

‘It was really fun and worked well being with an adult because if you weren’t having a good day then your team mate could help you out. It was also good to play in a completely different format than what I’m used to. So many young pupils were able to take part in the tournament who hadn’t played before. It’s such a privilege to be Captain of Golf, I think introducing golf into PE has helped my friends to enjoy the sport more. Unfortunately very few still play outside of school. I think it is still seen as an old man’s game but if you look at the Top 100 all of them are under 35 so people need to look at the sport differently. It’s a great sport because there are so many transferable skills – most importantly the sportsmanship and manners which I can bring to every aspect of my life. I have been playing golf my whole life and I definitely think younger pupils should learn, say Year 3 or 4, as they would all pick up the technique quickly and then by Year 8 we would have loads of pupils available for tournaments, many with handicaps too. I really hope to play golf for the rest of my life.’

We continue to have a great relationship with Cambridge Lakes; only last week Mr Burton, a golf professional and coach, from the Lakes visited the Year 8 golf lessons to help our Mr Rusted and Mr Mutucumarana. Their perfect golf posture is improving week by week.


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