St Faith’s Parents Take On IAKO Challenge

The Saints are a team of St Faiths parents who took part in the IAKO challenge on Saturday 23/4/2016 to raise money for the Great Shelford Playscape charity:

We are delighted to inform our school community that The Saints were victorious over 7 other teams in a variety of challenges. Niel Kang made an early impression in the dance-off and won most enthusiastic participant.

Erwin Kostlich, wearing the bap and ketchup outfit, clinched the games with his superhuman dive over the line to complete the ‘build a burger’! We all got a little competitive in the end and jubilantly celebrated our victory!

Thank you to everyone who came to cheer and everyone who sponsored us including The Spire who sponsored our shirts. We have raised in excess of £1800.

From Annalise Cross (Team Captain)

Click here to see the full story in the Cambridge Evening News.

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