St Faith’s Pupils Battle Hard at IAPS Triathlon Championships

Seven St Faith’s pupils bravely battled their way through the IAPS Triathlon Championship at Dulwich Prep, Cranbrook on the 11th of June. There was a noticeable increase in attendance and competition this year.

Stephanie was an unsung hero – she biked and ran so hard! Jacob was also a hero; he ran into difficulties on the bike course with his knee, but was determined to finish and finish he did, but not in the time or position he had hoped for. Reuben had a flying race from start to finish, but missed out on a medal by 30 seconds. Maxim ran like a machine and Harper took the bike course especially well. Jeremy ran with a real spring in his step after a good swim. Nick had a good swim, fast bike and great run – all faster than last year, but the competition was harder this year.

All the children and parents were great to be with and cheered enthusiastically.  They were terrific sports men and woman – even in defeat – and ambassadors for the school. Mrs Hames had a wonderful day with them all.



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