St Faith’s Pupils Think Science When Creating the New £50 Banknote

Pupils from Year 5 and 6 were recently challenged with nominating a famous scientist and designing the new £50 banknote. The main rules of the competition, organised by the Bank of England, were simple; the nominated person must have contributed to the field of science, be real (no fictional characters allowed) and be someone who inspired people, not divided them. Furthermore, no living scientists may be nominated.

Pupils had to first research the typical design of a banknote, including details such as the position of the Queen’s portrait, the background detail and the banknote numbers. One of the biggest challenges, students soon discovered, was finding an inspirational quote from the nominated scientist, to grace the banknote.

Our pupils nominated a wide variety of scientists, from physicist Sir Isaac Newton to chemist, Dorothy Hodgkin and Ada Lovelace, mathematician and early computer programmer. All entries were submitted to the Bank of England and Mrs Price, our own judge, has selected the top 4 designs from Year 5 and Year 6, which can be viewed below.

Thank you to all the pupils who participated in the competition, the designs all had their own unique attributes which made each stand out. We will be looking forward to the final reveal by the Bank of England in 2019. In the meantime, click the button below if you would like to nominate a scientist and have a go at designing the new £50 note.

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Year 5





Year 6

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