St Faith’s Receives The Highest Ratings From ISI Inspection

Following the recent Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) Inspection in October, the whole school is delighted to receive the highest judgements in all outcomes. The week-long inspection explored all aspects of St Faith’s but the two key focuses were pupil achievement and personal development; both were ranked as excellent by the inspectors. The report echoes the outstanding effort and passion displayed by staff and governors over the recent years.

It is extremely pleasing that so many aspects of life at St Faith’s have been highlighted and recognised as excellent. These outcomes recognise the strength of our community and are a testament to the exceptional quality of teaching and learning at St Faith’s, as well as the achievement of our pupils. –  Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn, Headmaster

The Key Findings are summarised as follows:

Pupil achievements:

  • St Faith’s pupils exhibit very high levels of proficiency in ancient and modern foreign language learning
  • St Faith’s pupils of all ages display excellent attitude to their studies and maintain high levels of focus in lessons
  • The success of St Faith’s pupils in sports and a wide range of other activities is exceptional
  • Pupils are highly articulate and show very effective communication skills

Pupil personal development:

  • St Faith’s pupils’ behaviour and moral understanding are outstanding
  • St Faith’s pupils ability to work collaboratively is excellent
  • St Faith’s pupils show high levels of reflection and understand how to improve their learning
  • St Faith’s pupils demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of how to keep themselves safe and healthy

Read the ISI Inspection report

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