St Faith’s Wins Independent School Parent Healthy Eating Award

We are delighted to announce that Independent School Parent Magazine has named St Faith’s winner of the 2018 Healthy Eating Award. Judges were looking for innovative healthy eating programmes with a tangible impact on the school community and at St Faith’s, our school meals philosophy is simple: healthy bodies means healthy minds and we have a wide variety of initiatives which ensure a culture of healthy eating.

Nigel Helliwell, Headmaster, commented, ‘This is a much deserved award for our outstanding catering team, led by the Catering Manager, Peter Burt and Head Chef, Kevin Johnson. The range and quality of food produced is staggering and a great credit to their talent, ambition and genuine desire to provide nutritious, healthy and innovative meals for our children each day.’ From daily family breakfasts which include an extensive variety of options to ensure a robust and healthy start to the day, to a strictly monitored healthy mid-morning snacks policy, our pupils are encouraged to make appropriate eating choices.

Our lunchtime food options are deliberately extensive to cater for a range of dietary needs, but all options are guaranteed to be as healthy as possible, with all lunches being cooked on site. Each day a wide variety of salads are available including three containing proteins. The daily ‘theatre bar’ sees the chef preparing food in front of the children and on Wednesdays includes foods from around the world as a way of educating our pupils about different cuisines and cultures. A wide variety of fruit is available daily and puddings frequently feature sugar substitutes such as the ever popular ‘chocolate and avocado’ layer cake.

We firmly believe in educating our pupils about what they eat. As well as regular talks to pupils about the long term benefits of healthy eating, we also highlight the importance of nature on ensuring our food supply, for example the role of bees in pollination.


To encourage children to continue their healthy eating regimes at home we provide a wide-range of recipe cards which cover many of our most popular dishes so they can be re-created at home. One Tutor group recently produced their own ‘Healthy Eating Recipe Book’ which was carefully researched by the class. They undertook to bake ‘healthy treats’ and to taste and review them. They interviewed the school Head Chef to gather some basic ideas about the essence of good health in snacks. They learnt to try to avoid refined sugars, fats and white flour and they experimented with ingredients that offered natural sweetness in a more unrefined form such as dates.

After-school and holiday cookery courses, run by our Head Chef, focus on healthy and balanced ingredient choices as well as cookery skills.


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