Staff take on OFs in Football Showdown

With memories of last years game still fresh in their minds, an agonizing 6-6 draw, this was going to be the year that someone came out as clear winners. Would it be the staff? Or the Old Fidelians? The annual Staff vs OFs 5-a-side football showdown was about to begin. Just three 20 minute thirds were what separated the teams from victory!

With several new faces joining the ranks of both teams, there was a sense that this year had an added edge to a game that has produced many memorable moments over the years. After some polite introductions and several handshakes later, the game began. And it did not take long for the first blow to be delivered! Nigel Helliwell showed no mercy when he broke free of the defense and smashed the opening goal into the top corner. The tone was set and the gloves were off. By the end of the first 20 minutes the staff team had stormed to a 6-1 lead. However, the valiant display of attacking energy shown had taken its toll on the team and one or two players had to make early exits as they were unable to continue on.

An encouraging team talk from the OFs meant that they came into the second 20 minutes with a greater belief that this game was not out of reach. What followed was a fantastic display of football. Goalkeepers were tested, bodies were pushed to their limits and the score line was closed slightly. By the end of the second 20 minutes the score stood at 7-3.

And so the third and final 20 minutes had arrived. The last chance for both teams to throw everything they had into a game that could still go either way. Everyone fought hard and never stopped giving their all and this resulted in a tightly contested third where chances were had by both teams. However, once the final whistle was blown, there was only one winner. The stalemate of last year was not to be repeated as the staff team were victorious with a 9-4 final scoreline.

Congratulations to the staff for a well fought victory. But many congratulations to the OFs who played some great football and never gave up fighting. Thank you to everyone who took part, giving up part of their evening to make this happen. It was also wonderful to welcome back so many OFs to St Faith’s.

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