Students Visit Arsenal Stadium

On the 17th February 2016 students from schools across Cambridge, including St Faith’s, traveled down to London to Arsenal Football Club’s stadium, the Emirates. This exciting excursion was not only a great chance to see one of the most impressive stadiums in the whole of Europe, but was a chance for the students to practice some of their Spanish.

Why Spanish you ask? Well, this trip was hosted and organised as part of the Arsenal Double Club, which is a scheme created by Arsenal FC to encourage children to learn languages through football. During the Summer term of 2015, St Faith’s ran an 8 week course, taking place on Saturday mornings, that consisted of two 45 minute half’s, just like a real football match. In the first half the children learnt Spanish in the classroom using interactive videos, PowerPoints and various group activities. The second half then involved the children going outside for a football coaching session, putting into practice the Spanish they had just learnt. For all of those that completed the course, a chance to visit the Emirates and see how languages play such a crucial role in today’s footballing world was definitely a reward to remember. We learnt that the Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, speaks 8 languages and actually uses 3 of those when speaking to each of his defenders during a game! This was a fantastic experience that encouraged pupils to engage with the languages they are learning because they quickly become even more exciting when taken out of the classroom and get applied to everyday situations, such as playing football.

We hope that the 13 children who got the chance to visit the Emirates enjoyed experiencing the VIP life as they got exclusive access to the directors box, the players changing rooms, the press conference arena and even the opportunity to sit in the Managers chair down on the pitch. However, we also hope that each child was encouraged to keep learning languages as they are achievable, rewarding, fun but also help enrich the way we look at life and all the cultures that surround us.

Gracias por leer. Adiós!

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