Triathletes Compete at Dunston

On Saturday 16th April, 7 of our pupils attended the Duston triathlon, which for some of them was their first ever one. The children had to swim, cycle and run and were raring to go in their new suits in school colours.

In the Tri Star 1 the pupils were aged 9-10 and swum 100m, cycled for 1600m and ran for 800m. Natasha R finished 45th in 18 min 09 sec.

In the Tri Star 2 the pupils were aged 11-12 and swum 150m, cycled for 2400m and ran for 1200 m. In this age group Nick H finished 24th in 18 mins 09 sec and Hermione R came 82nd in 22 mins 42 sec.

In the Tri Star 3, the pupils were aged 13-14 and swum 150m, cycled for 3200m and ran for 1600m. Herbie L came 38th in 25 mins 40 sec, Sebi R 48th in 26 mins 51 sec Wilf B 57th in 28 mins 12 sec and Maddy B 69th in 31 mins 44sec.

All the pupils did themselves and the school proud and were well mannered and supported each other fantastically on the day.

Thanks must go to Mrs Rodgers for being there on the day with them and they now look forward to doing more in the future and building on their experiences. Fitness is vital and they have learnt a great deal from their first event.

Future events can be found on the following website:


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