Trip to London Transport Museum

Year 1 had the most fantastic day at London Transport Museum on the 5th June. They experienced at least six different modes of transport during the day and found out about a lot about transport.

The day started off at school making sure we all picked up our packed lunches, before walking down to the train station. All aboard as we boarded the train which ran through the countryside and into the city, arriving at King’s Cross within the hour! Next up – the underground, the pitter patter of Year 1s filled the underground stations as each class filed down the escalators to board the tube. The security guard at Covent Garden was very pleased to see all the smiling faces, even high fiving a number of them as they made their way out.

Once at the Museum, a member of staff handed the children stamp cards to make their way around the museum to find each point and collect the stamps. As they all split off with parents in all directions, they boarded buses and wooden boats and found out lots about different modes of transport and the history behind them.

After a quick stop for lunch, there was just time for another quick look around before heading back to Kings Cross to catch the train home. Once back to the station the children boarded the school minibuses to get back to school as there had been a lot of walking, we got back to school just in time to meet their parents. It was a great day out for children and adults alike!


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