Social Impact

At St Faith’s we are keen that our pupils develop, from the earliest years, a sense of responsibility to the communities of which they are a part.

Pre Prep pupils earn team points according to classroom behaviour and effort, thus quickly learning the impact of good behaviour on a collective. Team sports re-emphasise the philosophy of all for one and one for all. Whole school assemblies frequently focus on the greater importance of giving rather than taking.

Beyond the school community we support, through our House system, a variety of charities. Visitors from these charities explain to our children why their work is so important and why those supported by the charity are in need. Our pupils then embark across the school year on a number of fund raising activities from cake sales to recycling projects.

In 2018/19 St Faith’s raised £12,689 for charity beating the previous year of £8700! Multiple events and donations helped to support more than 12 local and national charities and our partner school in South Africa.

Developing a strong sense of social responsibility is a focus of school life through a child’s time at St Faith’s.

Our Partner school in South Africa