Year 3 Conservation Activity

Members of the Year 3 Conservation Activity have been treated to an absolutely wonderful programme of activities and inspirational talks on Friday afternoons this term. The programme has been organised and led by Dr Shima Barakat and Dr Maarten van der Kamp, parents of Hilm (3B) and to whom we are indebted for their time and expertise. Dr Barakat and Dr van der Kamp are both busy academics who focus on entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Year 3 have been identifying wildlife in our Jubilee pond, learning about endangered animals and have made beautiful bee hotels and wildflower seed balls. Last Friday, Dr Simon Frost who specialises in the dynamics and evolution of infectious diseases, but more importantly, is Alexander’s dad, treated us to a presentation on the effects of deforestation in Uganda on the monkey population. Vast tracks of forests have been cut down and replaced by tea plantations and non-native eucalyptus trees planted for wood to burn and dry the tea. The afternoon culminated in each pupil making their own fabulous monkey glove puppet!

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