Year 8 Selling Eco Products

Our Year 8 Eco Committee have started selling their environmentally friendly, plant-based cleaning products, courtesy of Delphis Eco, at the front entrance of the lunch hall during breakfast time! We have launched the project to help everyone to ‘be green, be clean’!

The three products come as a concentrate in a spray bottle which you then top up with water at home before using. Once you have finished a bottle you can bring it back in to be refilled. The products available are:

  • Antibacterial sanitising spray
  • Multi surface cleaner
  • Washroom cleaner

The initial cost is £1.50 and each refill after that will cost you just £1.00 (much cheaper than any other eco-friendly cleaning product available in supermarkets). The team will be out this Friday (23rd) so bring some coins to help a great cause!

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