The Leys & St Faith’s Foundation

The Foundation is a registered charity which owns two schools in the University City of Cambridge.

St Faith’s is an independent preparatory day school for boys and girls aged 4 to 13 years.  Approximately one half of its pupils transfer to The Leys at age 13 and the remainder move to a wide variety of Senior Schools.

The Leys is an Independent boarding and day school for boys and girls, primarily from 13 to 18, but with a small intake at 11 years.  Importantly, it also provides places for home boarders, who benefit from a boarding ethos.  The Leys draws its intake from a large number of maintained and independent schools, with approximately one half of its 13+ intake coming from St Faith’s.

Each school is managed and led by its own management team and Committee of Governors.  Senior staff from both schools meet regularly to ensure close collaboration and a continuity of educational ethos.  Whilst St Faith’s and The Leys are independent of each other, the two schools work closely together, sharing expertise, facilities and resources wherever possible.

The Foundation Trustees are the governing body for the two schools.   They set the strategic direction and oversee the performance and outcomes.  They determine the ethos, set within a Christian culture.  They also oversee a policy that enables the schools to contribute to the wider community and society as a whole.