As Head of the Humanities Department my aim is to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the rich and diverse world in which we live.

Within our History and Geography lessons pupils learn about their own place in the world and how this relates to peoples of other times, places and faiths. Respect for others and the ability to make sense of change are fostered as pupils discover how peoples connect with each other and their environment.  Study stretches back into the past and encompasses chronology, consequence and change, as well as the role that individuals can play in shaping events.

The main aim of our Religious Studies topics is to acquire knowledge, experience and understanding of all principal religions. Through interactive lessons, pupils explore and reflect on religious responses to the questions of life and develop an awareness of the influence that religion has on a personal, national and global scale.

I believe that the Humanities subjects help to develop an understanding of the wider world and a sense of perspective, encouraging empathy with others and allowing us to grasp the significance of place, time and faith for the global community.

Highlights of the Humanities curriculum include:

  • Year 3 From the ancient Egyptians to our local area, pupils begin to understand about History, Geography and Religious Studies, making links between and within these areas.
  • Year 4 A mock Viking battle during Enrichment week is the culmination of work on Invaders and Settlers.
  • Year 5 Introducing Islam, a visit to Peterborough Mosque is a particular highlight for the pupils.
  • Year 6 A Spain-centric focus uses both English and Spanish as the languages of delivery, as pupils learn about the Spanish Armada and the discovery of the New World.
  • Year 7 Pupils develop an increasingly sophisticated perspective, with studies including the great sweep of events across Britain, America and France through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • Year 8 A cross-curricular study looks at the history and geography of China including her religious and cultural life.

Jennie Dow

Head of Humanities