Future Senior Schools

In the last five years, an average of 92% of pupils have secured places at their first choice senior schools with on average 30 scholarships annually. Our teachers prepare pupils carefully and thoroughly, taking into account the requirements of the entrance examinations to the different senior schools.

In 2023 all Year 8 pupils secured a place at a senior school of their choice, with 95% of pupils moving to their first choice school. 38 scholarships were awarded. Many of our pupils move to Cambridge schools with almost half of the year group transferring to The Leys, our co-foundation school, as well as a high percentage moving to The Perse Upper and St Mary’s.  A significant number chose schools outside Cambridge such as Uppingham, Oakham, Oundle, Haileybury, Stowe, King’s Ely, Framlingham, Felsted, Culford, Eton and Harrow.

The vast majority of our pupils leave at the end of Year 8, age 13. The Leys offers a Preliminary Assessment in Year 6 (age 11) which enables pupils to secure a place at The Leys in Year 9, effectively two years early. St Faith’s is the only school which benefits from this arrangement with The Leys. Other senior schools offer a similar arrangement for our pupils.

For most parents, the process of choosing an appropriate senior school begins in Year 5 at the Future Schools Evening, during which the Headmaster and senior staff outline the range of schools available and the various transfer arrangements. Following this evening, parents are invited to meet with the Headmaster or Deputy Head to discuss their child’s specific situation and senior school options. The Headmaster and Deputy Head oversee senior school transfer processes for every child and are always happy to meet with parents to discuss choice of senior school and provide support. They regularly visit senior schools and over the years have built very good relationships with their Heads and senior staff.