A Caring Environment

Our focus at St Faith’s is on supporting each child’s emotional development.

We value each and every pupil, providing them with opportunities to learn academically and grow emotionally. On joining the school, each child is placed with a class teacher (Foundation to Year 4) or a Tutor (Years 5 to 8) who is responsible for their overall welfare. In the Pre Prep, the teachers work under the guidance of the Head of Pre Prep.

In Years 3 to 8, children are allocated to one of four Houses (Bentley, Chaucer, Latham and Newton). Our teachers, Tutors and Heads of House develop a strong awareness of each child in their care. They celebrate the pupils’ achievements and guide and support them through any difficult times either academically, socially or personally. The Tutors, Heads of House and Director of Pastoral Care work very closely together to ensure that pupils are happy and thriving.

Our pastoral care team also works in partnership with the nurses, based in the school Health Centre. They manage the daily medical needs of the children. The dietary requirements of the pupils, including allergies and food intolerances, are supervised by a member of the catering team.

Pupils understand the importance of looking after their mental health as well as their physical well-being. The support and care they receive means they are resilient when things do not always go ask planned, and they readily ask for help when they need it, including using the school counsellor. – ISI Inspection Report 2021

Every week, the Headmaster meets, congratulates and hands out certificates to pupils who show significant acts of kindness at the school. The act can be anything, from holding a door open for others and kind manners, to positive attitudes and supporting others. Receiving recognition assures pupils their actions, no matter how small, do matter and that it has a positive effect on their surrounding environment.


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