Here at St Faith’s we believe every pupil should have the chance to fulfil their mathematical potential through work that is engaging and rigorous.

Throughout the school emphasis is placed on ensuring strong foundational skills and knowledge, along with problem solving and investigations, which are a good way to engage the enquiring mind. The small class size and positive attitude to learning shown by the pupils allow the work to be covered at a greater pace which, in turn, allows them to advance through the work so that they have challenge in what they do. As they progress, we feel it’s really important that pupils get the chance to appreciate the beauty and wonder of Mathematics as well as see how the subject is integral to modern day life. Our pupils are regularly successful in national maths competitions, such as the UK Maths Team Challenge for Year 8 pupils, and we are also pleased to host challenges here in both Year 4 and Year 6 for local schools.

Pupils have excellent numeracy skills and enjoy their mathematics lessons, benefiting from the well-sequenced lessons and the skilful questioning of their teachers. – ISI Inspection Report 2021

Here’s a taste of what happens in each year:

  • Year 3 is when pupils leave behind Maths workbooks used in Year 2 and begin to use textbooks, learning the importance of setting out their work correctly and methodically.
  • Year 4 pupils get to grips with the world of fractions, with their understanding reinforced through the use of chocolate bars and pizzas!
  • Year 5 pupils are taught by Maths specialists who encourage them to develop their problem solving skills even further through a series of challenges and puzzles.
  • Year 6 pupils get the chance to find out more about the language of mathematics when they are introduced to the world of algebra.
  • Year 7 pupils are introduced to the wonders of Pythagoras’s Theorem and see how to apply it in the real world.
  • Year 8 pupils see how to apply their Mathematical skills to personal finance and have an opportunity to look at the world of stocks and shares.

Rosie Rainsford

Head of Mathematics