Learning at St Faith’s

My vision for the children’s learning at St Faith’s is very clear: they should experience the joy and richness of a world-class education.

Put simply, this means that we want them to learn as much as they can, as well as they can – because ambition and quality are the two essential elements of excellence.

Ensuring trusty academic foundations is a priority. This then gives us the confidence to be upward and onward looking, innovative and future-focused in what we teach and how we teach. In an exciting, demanding and rapidly changing world, we know that the greatest gifts we can give our pupils are a love of what is good and a love of learning, both of which will serve them through their formal education, and into the years beyond. So whether it’s English or Engineering, Music or Maths, Humanities or Hockey, we teach our children to develop a good set of values, cultivate secure and rigorous foundational skills, and apply themselves with enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. That way they reach high, do well and enjoy success!

What does this mean in practice on a daily basis? On the pages that follow, you will find some tasters of what our rich curriculum looks like across the subjects, from year to year. I hope you will capture a sense of its dynamism, excitement and ambition.

Laura Davies

Deputy Head Academic

Evidence from the pupils’ work, lesson observations and the school’s own assessment data shows that the overall achievement of the pupils is excellent, fulfilling the school’s aim of promoting high expectations and encouraging individual excellence. – ISI Inspection Report 2021