As Head of Drama it is my firmly held belief that whether working on original or scripted pieces, Drama promotes confidence and camaraderie through improvising words and actions, expressing individuality, and presenting both solo and group performances.

My vision for the Drama department is to provide enjoyable and creative opportunities for all pupils to develop confidence in self-expression. A child’s learning in this subject is an active experience which is physically, emotionally and intellectually rewarding.

All children from Year 3 onwards are encouraged to explore their creativity through improvisation, in class, group and independent work. Drama offers the children experience of a variety of theatrical genres, encouraging them to assert and present themselves confidently, exploring the world of the dramatic imagination using a range of different stimuli.

Confidence is developed through performance and we have a strong and valued tradition of high quality productions, from the Nativity Play in Foundation to the running of an entire production company in Year 8, opportunities which are open to all pupils. Furthermore, from Year 3 children may also join the Drama Club or take further solo or shared Speech and Drama lessons leading to termly LAMDA examinations where over 90% of pupils regularly achieve Distinction.

We pride ourselves on identifying dramatic flair which is then valued and fostered; talented pupils are invited to compete in local Speech and Drama festivals, encouraged to pursue opportunities in local and national theatre, and given special preparation for scholarships to senior schools.

In brief our Drama curriculum includes:

  • Year 3 learn, rehearse and present a ‘Play-in-a-Day’ in the Summer term
  • Year 4 short House productions in the Lent term
  • Year 5 short dramatic showcases in the Michaelmas term
  • Year 6 an elaborate whole year group production in the Lent term
  • Year 7 participate in an Arts Award project throughout the year
  • Year 8 an elaborate theatrical or musical production in the Summer term marking the end of their journey at St Faith’s.

The Year 7 Art Project Award links all of the Arts together

Kaye Allen

Head of Drama


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