Governors and Staff

At St Faith’s we are proud of the quality and individual skills of all our staff and of the work they undertake.

Details on The Leys and St Faith’s Foundation Governors can be found here.

The St Faith’s Committee currently comprises: Annabel Brunner (Chair); Alex Barrett; Wendy Challen; Charles Fairey; Humeira Iqtidar, Christopher Kirker; Stephanie Northcott, Richard Mitchell; Helena Renfrew-Knight, Ashley Silverton and Victoria Wienand.

A full list of staff can be seen here.


Senior Management Team

Our SMT meets weekly to discuss strategic plans and current matters of moment. The SMT have individual areas of responsibility for the management of the school.

Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn, Headmaster
Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn, Headmaster Crispin is responsible to the Governors for all aspects of the welfare and progress of children and staff at St Faith’s. He works closely with his colleagues on the Senior Management Team.
Joseph Davenport, Deputy Head
Joseph Davenport, Deputy Head Joseph supports the Headmaster overseeing the day-to-day management of the school.
Louise Wakefield, Head of Pre Prep
Louise Wakefield, Head of Pre Prep Louise has overall responsibility for the Pre Prep department.
Richard Brent, Bursar
Richard Brent, Bursar Richard is responsible for all support staff functions in the school, including overall financial responsibility, management of the School site, Treasurer to the SFPA Committee, and management of catering and housekeeping.
Laura Davies, Deputy Head Academic
Laura Davies, Deputy Head Academic Laura supports the Heads of Departments in their curriculum planning and development.
Mike Critchley, Director of Pastoral Care
Mike Critchley, Director of Pastoral Care Mike oversees the pastoral care of all children in Year 3 to 8, manages the school's rewards and sanctions system and supports the four Heads of House.
Francesca Hughes-Morgan, Director of Teaching and Learning
Francesca Hughes-Morgan, Director of Teaching and Learning Francesca is responsible for leading on pedagogy development and teaching and learning activities, including overseeing pupil assessments and undertaking analysis of pupil outcomes.

Heads of Department

Heads of Departments look after the teaching and learning in their departmental areas. They monitor the children's performance and support the departmental teachers. They are responsible for assessment procedures in their departments and work with the Deputy Head Academic to develop a coherent and effective curriculum.

The Heads of House (Prep - Bentley, Chaucer, Latham and Newton)

The Heads of House are responsible for the pastoral welfare of all the children in the House and for the work of the Tutors in their Houses. Heads of House work closely with the Director of Pastoral Care to plan for success in this area of the School's programme, meeting frequently with the Tutors in their Houses to ensure that the progress of all the children is regularly reviewed.

Tutors (Prep)

Tutors are responsible for groups of 14 to 18 children, meeting them every day, maintaining their pupil records, supporting them and helping them to manage their lives. The Tutor is the parent's first point of contact.

Pre Prep Class Teachers

Pre Prep Class Teachers fulfil the same function as Tutors in Years 3 to 8. They know the children in their classes very well, providing information and reassurance in equal measures during the early school years.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants support children's learning in a variety of ways and provide a second adult in the class for all children in the Pre Prep. From Year 3 upwards teaching assistants are directed to provide support where there is particular need. Technicians are employed in the Science, Engineering and Art departments.