After School Activities

Being well-educated means being well-rounded. Excellent knowledge of history, Latin and science is matched by appreciating the arts, and enjoying sports. It also means finding pleasure in a wide range of other activities beyond the scope of the normal school day.

At St. Faith’s we offer an abundance of extra-curricular subjects for children from the age of 5. Our activity program supports our aim of developing well-rounded individuals, helping pupils to find and develop talents and interests.

From exploring lego construction in Pre Prep to joining the debating club or making a podcast, where children can learn from their teachers who share their particular interests and passions.

A wide range of sports activities and music ensembles give pupils additional opportunities to develop their skills.

Quiz club gives pupils a way of extending their general knowledge, while clubs such as Chess, Astronomy and Ornithology provide further breadth to their repertoire, and allow pupils to work with other classes and year groups, learning from and leading one another.

From nature crafts in Pre Prep to screen printing, sketching or drama in Prep our pupils can explore and develop their artistic talents.

Over 80 after-school activities, many of which are complementary, are available each week providing our children with a diverse and exciting range of hobbies, sports and disciplines to explore.