Computing combines logic and creativity in problem-solving, while also enabling competence and confidence in the use of developing technologies.

As Head of Computing, I wrote our curriculum specially for St Faith’s, hoping to inspire this generation to love writing their own apps as much as I did as a child.

Brief Computing curriculum highlights include:

  • Year 3 control a screen turtle to draw complex patterns using just a few lines of code
  • Year 4 use ProBots, robotic floor toys with programmable sensors that link in with their understanding of angles in maths
  • Year 5 pupils write their own games in Scratch and share them so that other can view the code and leave feedback
  • Year 6 program Raspberry Pis to switch lights on and off and control buzzers and switches
  • Year 7 children program robots to use sensors to interact with their environment
  • Year 8 pupils write their own text adventure games using Python

Our children have had many successes in national competitions: a group of our Year 8s won the University of Cambridge Team Coding competition, and one of our pupils was national champion in the Oxford University Computing Challenge.

For outreach, I deliver courses for teachers throughout UK to help them acquire the subject knowledge to enable them to teach Computer Science at Key Stages 3&4. We also deliver specialist lessons to visitors from other schools and participate at local STEM events.

Jamie Mitchell

Head of Computing