Across the School, we aim to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and help prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life, helping them to be resilient rather than brittle in dealing with change.

Personal and social development is at the heart of the curriculum, because a happy child learns better and is willing to keep trying and participate actively in his or her learning.

There is particular emphasis on developing respect and self-confidence so that children have the coping strategies to face life’s challenges. Our programme encourages each child to read his or her feelings and gain insight into the feelings and associated behaviours of those around them. Emotional literacy helps them take more responsibility for their own behaviour and choices, rather than placing blame elsewhere. Developing respect for the opinions of others, and making decisions on what they believe to be right, are built into the progression of lessons. We encourage children not just to talk about problems, but to solve them confidently by making informed choices face to face with people or through healthy, safe social networks.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizen Education is part of our tutor group programme, which supports the pastoral care of the children and is designed to enable them to become happy, well-adjusted, modern teenagers, friends and family members in today’s demanding society.

Pupils know how to stay healthy and safe through a range of topics within the school curriculum, especially PSHCE, computing and relevant themes assemblies. This aspect of their life at schools is excellent. – ISI Inspection Report 2021

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