The School Day



Assemblies take place in a variety of groups and are a key mechanism for discussing relevant issues, celebrating the successes of our pupils and re-affirming our Christian values. The whole school meets once a week lead by either the Headmaster, Deputy Head or other Senior colleagues. Visiting speakers are sometimes invited and our Chaplain leads some assemblies and all main Christian services. The Pre-Prep attends this assembly and also has two further assemblies of their own each week where they celebrate those aspects of life so important to our younger pupils. Years 3 and 4 have a weekly assembly with the Director of Pastoral Care, Heads of House and Tutors. Years 3 – 8 also meet weekly in their House groups in assemblies which are led by the Heads of House. Pupils are often invited to participate in or lead these assemblies.

The Prep Day

In Prep our school day is divided into three pairs of lessons following registration at 08:15. A morning break of 25 minutes is always kept clear of commitments for the children so that they can enjoy playing together, or perhaps making use of the library, as they choose.

A one-hour lunch break occurs after lesson 4, and is used for some musical activity as well as play time for children. On three days each week, one lesson slot is used for pastoral time, including assemblies and tutor time.  Children have a generous allocation of time for Sports and the Arts, and this is carefully interspersed between academic lessons.

Formal lessons end at 15:40 (15:20 in Pre Prep) after which there are a plethora of after-school activities and late-stay arrangements on offer.

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