Learning Support

We are committed to providing a first class education for all our children and support for a broad range of educational needs.

We work closely with all children, helping to identify any individual needs early on in their school life. In most cases this will simply be to provide a boost in some areas of learning, while for some this may include specific learning difficulties.

Individual needs are met daily in the classroom by teachers and teaching assistants and, when beneficial, by small group sessions or one-to-one lessons with members of the Learning Support team.

Work with the Learning Support team takes place in the Discovery Zone, which all pupils are welcome to visit. The Discovery Zone is a small, lively classroom suite well-equipped with an exciting range of varied resources and IT provision. Specialist teaching staff cater for children who may benefit from extra support in a particular aspect of their work or across the spectrum of learning. Our Learning Support Department is there to help children make the very best of their education and we are pleased to be able to offer this support to children with a variety of short-term or long-term learning needs from Pre Prep to Year 8.

Visits to the Discovery Zone are helpful and enjoyable for children, supporting them in successfully accessing the whole curriculum. In keeping with our teaching ethos based on tailored individual provision, we are delighted to provide this additional teaching resource and proud of the benefits that it affords our children.

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