Art & Design

As Head of Art I believe that Art & Design provides a wonderful opportunity for every one of our pupils to express their imagination, be creative and learn to refine their work by developing a critical eye.

My aim for the Art & Design Department is to nurture and enrich artistic and creative ability. Lessons occur in two dedicated Art teaching studios which house excellent facilities, including ceramics and printmaking equipment, and which create a peaceful and encouraging working environment. Pupils also benefit from the expertise of a full-time Art and Drama Technician. 

In addition to developing their own practical artistic skills, pupils also learn to appreciate the artistic work of others and to discover the value and diversity of their work in the contemporary world as well as in other times and places.

Highlights of our Art & Design curriculum include:

  • Year 3 Researching and recreating art work by Rousseau and Klimt.
  • Year 4 Understanding the symbolism of Aboriginal art, researching and investigating sculpture and creating sculptures based on Picasso’s ‘The Owl’.
  • Year 5 Researching and designing clay pots inspired by Kate Malone. Learning detailed technical drawing skills and creating still-life studies.
  • Year 6 Study of figures including figure drawings and mod-roc sculptures based on those by Giacometti.
  • Year 7 Researching and investigation printing and printmaking, producing designs, exploring print media such as Lino-prints, dry-point etching and graphic etching in the style of William Morris.
  • Year 8 Exploring portraiture and creating self-portraits in mixed media. Collaborative work includes a study of ‘Pop art’ and large scale recreations.

Shelley Ankin

Head of Art & Design