Our green and spacious 9-acre site, located in the heart of Cambridge, together with extensive playing fields a two-minute walk away, provide some of the best facilities of any prep school in the UK.

Every classroom is equipped with modern teaching technology. Crucially, teachers are trained how and when to use this technology to enhance learning.

The shelves in our library are crowded with over 12,000 works of fiction and non-fiction with relevance to our youngest and most mature of pupils.

Engineering suites provide access to tools and equipment beyond many inventor’s wildest dreams. Fully-equipped science laboratories and computer suites are used by all year groups. Our recently opened £2M STEM Hub provides a flexible large indoor space for inter-disciplinary projects, a multi-purpose project room and an observatory.

Our extensive sporting facilities, including our state-of-the-art sports hall allow for a plethora of disciplines from trampolining to tennis, rowing to rugby, cricket to golf, all taught by highly qualified and experienced sports teachers many of whom have played at the national level themselves. Much of our on-site space is devoted to sports fields, tennis and netball courts. A short walk away a further 20 acres of all-weather and grass sports facilities ensures that space restrictions are never a limiting factor in our sports education.

Musical talents are unleashed in our extensive Music rooms which include 10 practice rooms as well as several large classrooms which are full of typical instruments as well as the atypical including a full set of steel drums. The majority of children from as young as seven learn to play a musical instrument and over 20 ensembles practice each week.

Our dedicated Drama studio is alive with role-play, mime, recitals and performance rehearsals. Located adjacent to Ashburton Hall the Drama studio provides a stimulating and spacious environment to bring out the creative performer in all our children.

Two well-equipped Art studios provide access to all the creative media our children could ever wish for including our very own kiln which allows for full exploration of the world of ceramic art.