The primary aim of the Games Department is to provide opportunities for pupils to take part in and develop a love of competitive team sport.

By this means we promote fair play and sportsman-like behaviour, while the pupils develop a sense of co-operation and team work, learning how to channel their energy towards a common goal. Participation in team sport encourages pupils to value dependability, commitment and loyalty, while also learning to train hard, think tactically, give of their all and develop skills to cope with disappointment as well as success. The Games Department is generously staffed by experienced and highly qualified teachers who make use of modern coaching techniques including the use of video analysis.

Within our Games programme we find fixtures against other schools for as many children as possible. Whilst we are able to take some children on to national standards and sports scholarships, we aim to have as many children as possible participating in matches at the level appropriate to their skill development. Most years we expect to field teams in netball, hockey, tennis, cricket and rugby, as well as having a rowing eight.

The School’s record for Sports is very strong and typically we compete at national finals level in several sports each year:


Girls Hockey
U12 National Champions
U13 4th Place at National Finals
Gymnastics National IAPS Gymnastics
U13 Girls – National Champions – Emily H1st.  Connie won the Best floor and Most Artistic floor Sequence.
U13 Boys- National Champions – Viraj S 1st
U11 Boys- National Champions – Max B 1st
U9 Boys- National Champions – Kit W 1st
4 National Individual Champions and 4 teams.
National ISGA Four Piece Nationals for Boys
U13 Boys – 2nd in team event – Viraj S 1st National Champion, James W 3rd
U11 Boys – National Champions Reuben L 2nd, Max B 3rd
U9 Boys – National Champions – Harry G 1st National Champion
Medals also for the following teams
U9 Girls – 3rd overall – Group sequence was 3rd
U10 Girls 6th overall – Group sequence was 3rd. Hannah W won the Best Vault trophy and was 2nd individually (missed National Champion place by 0.25!)
U11 Girls – 5th overall
NSRT Rugby Festival
U9 team won 4, drew 1
U10 team won 2, Lost 1
U11 team won 4, lost 1
U12 team won 3, drew 1
U11 IAPS National Festival
Played 7 Won 7
U13 Doubles National IAPS 4th Place
U11 Doubles National IAPS Quarter Finalists


U13 girls- Milano Trios
U13 mixed Milano trios
U11 mixed Milano trios
U11 boys Milano trios
County U13A Boys Champions
County U13B Boys Champions
Did not take place
U11 Boys Hockey National IAPS Champions
U13 Girls Hockey – joint 5th IAPS National Finals
U11 Boys East Region Hockey winners
U11 Girls County Champions
U13 Girls County Champions
U11 A County Cup Champion
U12 Girls 10th IAPS National Finals
U11 Girls 11th IAPS National Finals
Table Tennis
IAPS National Finals last 16
8 swimmers in National Finals
7 County Champions (Hurdles x2, Long Jump, 100m, Shot Putt, 1500m, Discus)
7 County Champions (Hurdles x2, Long Jump, 100m, Shot Putt, 1500m, Discus)
U10 and U11 Area Athletics 10 individual Champions and Winners 4x100m Boys Relay
7 individuals at IAPS Nationals



U13 Boys National IAPS Trampolining Champions
National IAPS U13 Team 1st – Emily H National IAPS U13 Gym Champion.
U9 Boys 1st in National ISGA Gymnastics – Max B National Champion
U11 Boys – 1st in National ISGA and national IAPS Gym – Viraj S national Champion in both and James W joint 1st at ISGA.
U13 boys 3rd at National ISGA Finals
Guy N, Izzie R and Nina L National BSGA Milano team trio finals -2017.
U13 mixed Milano Trios ( won)
U11 mixed Milano Trios ( 3rd)
U11, U10, U9, U8 Rugby at Epsom NSRT Finals in 2017
U11 Boys IAPS Rugby National Finals (won every game but no recorded winner)
21 children to national Athletics in 2017- including 4 relay teams
Tommy M 1st in U12 Discus
Polina F 2nd in U12 70m Hurdles
National Swimming- 2017 we had three qualifiers- Amelia S, Chris H and Herbie L
U13 Girls Netball 3rd at IAPS Nationals
U11 Girls Hockey 4th at IAPS Nationals
U11 Boys Hockey 16th at IAPS Nationals
U13 Girls Hockey 5th at IAPS Nationals
U13 Girls County Champions
U11 Girls County Champions


John Welch and Edward Johnson

Head of Games