St Faith’s was founded to meet the educational needs of children of Fellows of Cambridge University. Subsequently it formed a joint foundation with The Leys, an established senior school. St Faith’s thus enjoys a unique, dual heritage resulting in an education characterised by academic excellence and innovation, underpinned by a foundation of sound values and principles.


St Faith’s seeks to be a happy, inclusive and supportive community which welcomes families from all religious and cultural backgrounds. Underpinned by Christian values, we nurture every child as infinitely valuable and uniquely gifted members of the St Faith’s family. We aim to cultivate strength of character, distinguished inter-personal qualities, distinctive leadership ability and a keen sense of social responsibility. Our innovative curriculum and future-focused education builds on a strong academic heritage and promotes excellence in all areas.


We believe that all members of the school community are:

Infinitely valuable

We promote respect for others; encouraging integrity of character

Uniquely gifted

We promote high expectations; encouraging individual excellence

Mutually dependent

We promote an attitude of service; encouraging personal initiative

Continually learning

We promote a spirit of forgiveness; encouraging perseverance

The pupils’ moral understanding is excellent. Almost all pupils are exceptionally well behaved. They understand and respect systems of school rules and accept responsibility for their own behaviour. In lessons, they patiently listen to other’ views and show respect for differences of opinion. – ISI Inspection Report 2021

St Faith’s is inclusive in nature, valuing diversity and welcoming children from all cultural and religious backgrounds. Our school services celebrate the traditional festivals of Harvest, Remembrance, Advent, Christmas and Easter, while our assemblies explore the principles and celebrate the out-workings of our values. These ideas are explored further explicitly through PSHCE lessons and are promoted in practice throughout the school. Our religious studies curriculum enables pupils to acquire knowledge, experience and understanding of principal world religions.