Mission – Vision – Values


We provide an inspiring and academically rigorous day school education for girls and boys aged 4 to 13, with a broad and balanced curriculum. We equip pupils for diverse and meaningful futures through our tailored approach to education, with an emphasis on inclusivity and social responsibility. We value kindness and we understand that happy children fulfil their potential. Our academic provision is underpinned by 8 key Learning Habits and excellent pastoral care. We have a Christian ethos and welcome families of all faiths and beliefs. We are proud to be part of The Leys and St Faith’s Foundation.


Our ambition is for every pupil to be empowered and enabled to lead a fulfilling life and to contribute positively to society. We aim to prepare pupils for increasingly diverse futures by delivering an excellent, innovative education, equipping pupils with key knowledge and skills. We aspire that all our pupils become well-rounded, independent learners, able to recognise their own talents and have confidence in their own decisions. We will promote respect, equality, diversity and inclusion across our school community, as well as the importance of service. We will also prioritise wellbeing throughout the school and seek to shape a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

We Value

  • Kindness- we care for others and are respectful and understanding
  • Community- we work together to support one another and create a school where everyone feels they belong
  • Excellence- we promote high expectations and encourage every individual to fulfil their potential

“Do all the good you can in all the ways you can”

– John Wesley