Preparing Pupils For Life

At St Faith’s each child is taught, developed and nurtured, to equip them well for life, whichever path they choose to take. Our teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge, exploring new ideas, challenging the status quo and instilling a life-long passion for learning. Teaching styles are tailored to meet each individual child’s needs. Lessons are accessible, engaging and challenging for all pupils.

Our academic provision is of the highest standards.

In the past three years, our leavers have gained an average of 29 scholarships per year to senior schools. In 2023, 38 scholarships were offered to Year 8 pupils. Furthermore, in the last five years an average of 90% Year 8 leavers gained a place at their first choice school. Almost half our leavers moved to The Leys, our Foundation senior school, and others moved to a wide range of day and boarding schools in Cambridge and across the UK.

Our broad sporting education is not simply a focus for sporting glory and trophy collection.

At St Faith’s we believe sport is a conduit for developing mental as well as physical fitness. The losing as well as winning of sporting fixtures builds mental resilience and is an emotive demonstration of getting out of life what you put in. Of course team work is omnipresent in many sporting events and as such our pupils learn to revel in team as well as individual accolades, better preparing them for their futures.

Drama and the performing arts are tools not only for teaching children a life-long love of the arts but for promoting self-belief and confidence.

St Faith’s pupils stand out as confident, articulate, grounded and courteous, attributes which will stand them in good stead for their futures.

We see it as our role to best prepare our pupils with both the knowledge and the skills to excel in later life.

The career paths of our pupils will, of course, be numerous and varied. While qualifications and aptitudes are important for securing the top positions, so too is emotional intelligence and the ability to get on with a wide range of people. The job market for graduates has never been so competitive. Inter-personal skills are often the difference between success and disappointment at interviews.

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