Enrichment at St Faith’s

Our programme of AcE Days are an important part of our pupils’ development by both extending and deepening their understanding of a wide range of concepts within and beyond the set curriculum.

There are eight special enrichment days calendared each year. These days provide learning opportunities for new experiences as well as nurturing already identified talents, life-skill development and opportunities to visit places of local and national interest.

AcE Days involve all pupils from Years 3-8. Pupils develop their skills and become more active members of the St Faith’s and wider communities. AcE Days prepare pupils to be responsible citizens and enthusiastic lifelong learners. AcE Days enable each pupil to study a subject in more detail and give them the opportunity to develop life skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork.

Pupils enthusiastically throw themselves into these days where they take part in activities and challenges that are different to their normal everyday school routine.

Recent AcE Days include:

Year 3: Egyptian Day; Science of Senses; Great British Nature Day

Year 4: Roman Day; Forensic Investigations; Mindfulness

Year 5: Green Goblin Go-Kart Experience; Kew Gardens; Mosque Visit

Year 6: Geography of Rivers; Robot Olympics; Warwick Castle

Year 7: Bloodhound Engineering; Arts Awards; Rye Meads Nature Reserve

Year 8: Sports Psychology; Darwin and the Science of Evolution; Cambridge Centre for Computing History



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