Chris Le’cand Harwood

Chris Le’cand Harwood

Chris attended St Faith’s from 1984 to 1990.

“I enjoyed a school life that gave me far more than could be learnt in text books. I was able to try out a range of sports: cross country running (which I hated), football, hockey, tennis and rugby. I also got to go on school trips where I could climb in Shropshire, ski in Italy and test my French in Saumur. I was also a member of Chaucer House, which gave me good exposure to healthy competition.

I was well set for my next school, The Leys. I continued to enjoy the philosophy shared with St Faith’s: academic learning that saw the importance of sport and the arts in providing a well rounded education.

By the time I went to Brunel University to study Politics & Social Policy, I had the independence and confidence to take the move to Higher Education in my stride. Alongside my study, I took a year in industry working in the HR Department of Addenbrookes NHS Trust. I graduated in 2000.

I have spent the majority of my career in the advertising industry in London. I am the Head of Social Media at the advertising and marketing agency, Havas People in King’s Cross. I continued to enjoy my sport, having played for a number of hockey clubs and run 12 marathons in cities across Europe and the USA (my 10 year old self, who dreaded cross country running, would be baffled by that fact!).

Thank you St Faith’s. You’ll always have a special place in my memories growing up.”

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