This week at St Faith's

19th January 2024

The extremely cold weather this week does not appear to have affected the energy or enthusiasm of the St Faith’s pupils – they particularly enjoyed their netball and hockey fixtures in the bracing conditions!

School Council

Amongst activities taking place this week was the first School Council meeting of the term. This forum provides our pupils with excellent leadership responsibilities and enables the pupil voice to be heard across a wide variety of topics. Subjects on the agenda this time included announcement of the winner for the ‘design a Christmas jumper’ competition, as well as discussing strategies for engagement with Years 3 and 4 for ‘Sustainability Day’ which is coming up later this term.

Kelly’s Story

In Monday’s assembly, we considered the difference that one individual can make to another person’s life. Firstly, we considered the ways in which positive relationships which are established between people can make a real difference. The first example we heard about was that of partially sighted Paralympian skier, Kelly Gallagher. Unable to see clearly the outlines and shapes in front of her, Kelly skies down mountainsides competitively by following her guide skier, Charlotte Evans. UK Sport is now recognising the crucial importance of guides like Charlotte and the special role they play in paralympic sport.

Secondly, we also thought about the simple but really important acts of kindness that can be shown by one individual to another, even when they have only just met. The kindness of strangers when we find ourselves in challenging circumstances can be truly transformational. On this theme we heard the story of a young boy who came across hundreds of stranded starfish whilst walking along the beach one day. He realised immediately that they would soon die if they were not returned to the sea and so he began carefully to put them back in the sea one by one. Asked by a passer-by what he was doing, because he couldn’t possibly save all of them, the boy replied ‘But I can still make a difference’. He was soon joined by lots of people who helped him, all following the boy’s example to save the starfish and make a difference.

The Leys Preliminary Assessments & Scholarship Interviews

On Monday, many of our Year 6 pupils took The Leys Preliminary Assessment in Ashburton Hall. They approached the day with calmness and maturity, and we look forward to hearing news from The Leys in early February. Meanwhile on Tuesday, Martin Priestley, Headmaster of The Leys spent the day at St Faith’s undertaking the 13+ Scholarship interviews. I have no doubt that our Year 8 pupils made a very positive impression and enjoyed meeting Mr Priestley as much as he enjoyed talking to them.

St Faith’s Entry Assessments Years 3-7

Continuing with the theme of assessments, we were delighted to welcome more than 50 children from prospective and current families this week who spent a morning with us taking their assessments for places in Years 3-7 for September 2024.  We will be notifying families of the outcomes by the beginning of February.

Year 6 Model Cells

Applying their knowledge of cell structure, function and adaptations studied in Science lessons, Year 6 pupils have researched, designed and constructed a really superb array of superb cells. These were extremely impressive, ranging from a root hair cell to a human neuron. The careful research, creativity of design and choice of materials used, alongside meticulous attention to detail in labelling cell organelles, demonstrated a highly impressive work ethic amongst our pupils. We are also grateful for the patience and support of our St Faith’s parents in encouraging their children in this creative endeavour.

Speech and Drama at St Faith’s

Speech and Drama at St Faith’s is exceptionally popular with pupils from all ages engaging in our New Era examination syllabus. Please see below some FAQs about Speech and Drama at St Faith’s.

Why take Speech and Drama lessons?

Engaging in Speech and Drama offers numerous benefits, including improved communication skills, enhanced self-confidence, effective public speaking and interview abilities, empathy development, and increased creativity. Additionally, it fosters teamwork, critical thinking, and emotional expression.

When can I take Speech and Drama lessons?

Lessons are fun, interactive and can be taken as a solo or duo lesson on a rotational basis within the school day.

What do pupils say about Speech and Drama at St Faith’s?

‘The teacher is great fun, I have grown in confidence, and I feel it will help me with my interview technique when I apply to future schools’ – Oliver H

‘Speech and Drama is an additional lesson which is really fun and helps me progress further with my love of Drama’ – Amelia P

‘I like that my Speech and Drama lesson is individual to me, and the tailored approach means I see big improvements in my ability. I have become so much more confident’ – Katie D

‘I like taking exams and seeing my personal improvement. I enjoy working towards targets and look forward to my lesson each week – Mushui Z

Please do get in touch with Mrs Tanya Robson at  if you wish to make further enquiries about Speech and Drama lessons here at St Faith’s.

Sporting Fixtures

In the Lent term, the older children focus on Netball and Hockey. This week, matches took place against Felsted and Culford Schools. The children thoroughly enjoyed representing the school and all of the week’s results are in the sidebar. We do hope that you enjoy this medley of photos.

SFPA (St Faith’s Parents’ Association) Quiz Night

Please note that the SFPA Quiz Night, scheduled originally to take place this evening, has been postponed and another date will be sought in the summer term. A further announcement will follow when the new date has been arranged.

Next Week’s Events

Next week the Year 2 pupils will be looking forward to the visit from StarDome Planetarium on Tuesday as they learn all about stargazing and the solar system. Meanwhile, on Tuesday a group of Year 8s will take a trip to Castle Fine Art Gallery, and on Friday the U13 Boys will be travelling to Ipswich for the IAPS Hockey Regionals. We wish them the very best of luck.

And Finally…

I am certain that one of the reasons that staff and pupils at St Faith’s maintain their energy during cold snaps of weather is that we are so well looked after by our catering team. I would encourage those of you on X (formerly Twitter) to follow @StFaithsKitchen – this week you will see some of the delicious dishes that have kept everyone warm this week.

I wish you all relaxing and peaceful weekend,

With all best wishes,

Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn